Why the next few months are the best time to put homes on sale

Thursday Jan 30th, 2020


Timing is a crucial consideration when selling a home. A study by RE/MAX said it is ideal put properties on sale during the months of February, March, and April.

RE/MAX said while the weather is not ideal during February, the month allows home sellers to gain exposure before the spring rush.

"The normally low inventory in February means less competition. The timing of February is also good in terms of people beginning to either start (or) resume their house hunt after the busy holiday season," RE/MAX said.

Listing in March also gives the same advantage. During this month, Canadians typically start to settle down after the winter vacations as the weather improves. RE/MAX said the weather transition helps boost the mood of potential buyers.

"Listing your home in March also lines up with a late spring/early summer possession date, which is attractive to many buyers as it means they can be settled into their new home before the summer months hit.," RE/MAX said.

April marks the beginning of the spring rush. This month gives sellers the best exposure, with the good weather helping make the exterior of homes look more attractive to potential buyers.

Furthermore, April falls nicely to a 90-day possession timeline, allowing buyers to move at the end of June when the school term is over.

"Typically as the year progresses more into spring, buyers start seriously searching for their next home and there are often more buyers in the market than there were in the early months of the year," RE/MAX said.

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