Welcome to Summer 2023!

Monday Jun 19th, 2023


Welcome to June! 

June is one of our favourite months for several reasons, and we're pretty confident that we're not alone here. Even before the summer solstice occurs, June is the unofficial start of the weekends at the cottage season, or the hanging out at the campsite time, or simplest and best of all, the throw some burgers and shishkebabs on the BBQ, crack open a beverage and invite your friends and neighbours over time!

The friendly guys we try to be, we are at our best when we're around others and making others laugh, and naturally we enjoy being around folks who feel the same. Our personalities are well suited for our career choice and we hope that it helps our clients feel comfortable when it comes to discussions about selling or purchasing a home. We think that this friendly and respectful approach is also a benefit when it comes to negotiating a house price; the tone you use and the words you choose can go a long way when you may have a seller who is also dealing with offers that seem inflexible or rigid.  Sometimes its the smallest gestures that speak the loudest! To be clear, lighthearted, friendly and respectful doesn't mean that we are pushovers, or that we shy away from tough negotiating. We have many years of proven experience and will always work to get the best price and value for our clients!

June is also a favourite because Father's Day is really important to us. Not only are we a father and son business team, we're also great friends and really enjoy spending time together. Watching our families grow and sharing our love with them makes us happy. As we both celebrated Father's Day this year, we hope that those of you who were able to and wanted to celebrate it had the best day full of laughter, good food, and whatever else made you happy. 

So, as always, please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have real estate questions, or need advice. In the mean time, enjoy the warmer weather!



          Grant and Gavin of Team Gilmour

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