Do you have a vision for 2023?

Thursday Jan 12th, 2023


Happy New Year!

Not everyone gets excited as January settles in. As this shiny new year reaches out ahead of us all, it may bring to mind ideas of goals or projects that you would like to accomplish, but sometimes these goals seem overwhelming, and sometimes past unmet goals make us discouraged. We understand! Here at Team Gilmour, we each like to make a vision board with images of some specific goals we want to aim towards that year. These don't have to be massive goals; we may want to lose 8 pounds, or want to learn how to make our grandmother's pecan pie. Alternatively, we might yearn to learn a new language, renovate the basement or make sure that we enjoy the vacation destination that's been on our bucket list for years!

At Team Gilmour, we make our vision boards for a few reasons. Firstly, because by looking at this board daily, in a place where we'll regularly see it, it gives us the nudge - the additional incentive to keep reaching for our goals that are pictured in front of us. Secondly, it gives us something that can easily help us to compare our results as we near the end of our year. That pecan pie that we tried to make once or twice in January and February, and only produced underdone results, might unintentionally get pushed to the back of our mind. Come December, we may realize that it's the busy holiday season and we have no time to try and perfect this old recipe and your goal remains unmet. By looking at the picture of that delicious pie, and perhaps a copy of the recipe taped beside it, it's a reminder through the year to say to yourself oh, I have a social dinner coming up this weekend; maybe I'll again try to make my grandmother's pecan pie for dessert! Lastly, at Team Gilmour, our vision boards are not just a symbol of our own desires, they're a daily reminder to us about staying accountable in all areas of our lives, and that means to the business but more importantly, staying accountable to you, our valued clients. We want to make sure that you're at the forefront of our goals each and every year.

So, we hope as this year rises into the sky, that you might feel less anxious about what is to come, but full of hope and excitement and creativity. And we really hope that you might want to try a vision board like us, and if you do, please feel free to share your vision board story with us! 

With all of our best wishes - Grant, Gavin and Anna from  Team Gilmour

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