Couponing Secrets Anyone Can Use

Tuesday Apr 09th, 2019


When you first start using coupons, expect a 25-30% reduction in your grocery bill. Over time, with attention to details, you can save 30-50%. And with extreme couponing, you can reach the more than 50% level.

· Don't use coupons the week they come out. Stores jack up prices in anticipation.

· Use coupon-matching websites such as SavingsAngel, CouponMom and The Grocery Game, and combine manufacturers' and in-store coupons to maximize bargains.

· Don't overlook coupons for non-grocery items like toys and house wares.

· Before buying any service or product online, Google that product + coupons or discount. Often there are digital codes available that will save you significantly.

· Stockpile coupons. You may not need 100-count paper plates for 50% off today, but you may need them in 3 months.

· Don't buy brands you can live without. If you can save 50% on a new bacon brand, can you live with the slightly different flavor from your usual brand?

· Consider using click-to-print and mobile phone coupons. In the future, expect to see more coupons delivered via text message, as well as discounts based on near-field technology (NFT), which lets retailers send special offers to your smartphone based on your location.

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