Budget Friendly Makeover Ideas

Thursday Jul 30th, 2020


Would you like to give a fresh look to your house without breaking the bank? Try these extremely low-cost makeovers to give your house a face lift.

· Wash instead of paint: If you can't afford to paint the home, how about giving it a good wash? Do not forget to scrub the screens, windows, and gutters, as well as the sidewalk and driveway while you're at it.

· Paint the trim and front door: Your home's exterior will look crisper with fresh trim and front door color.

· Freshen the floors: Consider cleaning the grout on tile floors. If you have stained or worn carpet, consider replacing it with a remnant (left over carpet from larger jobs).

· Re-caulk plumbing fixtures: Over time the caulk that prevents water seepage around plumbing fixtures can mold, discolor, tear, or degrade. Stripping this material out and replacing it with a fresh bead of silicon is an inexpensive way to improve the look of bathrooms and kitchens. Also pour bleach on mold that has grown under caulk and grout.

· Take care of the small things: Notice all the little items that need repair. Make a list and work on it as often as you can, one item at a time. Replace light bulbs, fix holes in doors or walls, grease squeaky hinges, clean gutters, fix leaking plumbing fixtures, change the air filter, wash the curtains, paint dingy entry ways, and so on.

· Update lighting fixtures: You can spend a fortune on lighting fixtures but you don't have to. Consider selectively changing lighting fixtures that date the home. Even inexpensive, but new fixtures can make a difference.

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