10 Top New Year's Resolutions for Success and Happiness

Friday Jan 10th, 2020


Another year has come to an end, and another has just begun. So, now that the new year is here, what resolutions are you going to make? Making New Year's resolutions is a time-honored tradition all around the world. We all hope for a better future--especially when the year we're leaving behind has been a tough one.

According to research on the topic, about 60 percent of us admit that we make New Year's resolutions but only about 8 percent of us are successful in achieving them. Regardless of whether we achieved our previous resolutions, most of us go right ahead and make a new set of resolutions -- hoping for the best.


Here are a few more interesting facts about New Year's resolutions:

  • Saving money is one of the top five New Year's resolutions and also in the top five for most commonly failed.
  • More than half of respondents said they fail their resolution before January 31.
  • Women make health-focused resolutions while men pledge to find a new job and lay off the alcohol.

So, what are we all wishing for in 2019? Here are the top 10 New Year's resolutions according to a survey of 2,000 people:

2. Exercise more (65 percent)

3. Lose weight (54 percent)

4. Save more and spend less (32 percent)

5. Learn a new skill or hobby (26 percent)

6. Quit smoking (21 percent)

8. Find another job (16 percent)

9. Drink less alcohol (15 percent)

10. Spend more time with family and friends (13 percent)


Are any of these resolutions on your personal list? Who knows -- this just might be the year that you achieve every goal you set for yourself. Here's to a new year filled with much success and happiness.

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